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ProudNumbers for fast and simple generating Management Accounts from Sage 50.

Independent downloadable desktop software from Hexner Limited.
Make your service stand out from the rest.

ProudNumbers Management Accounts Software
ProudNumbers Data Analysis Symbol

More than just saving time

  • Option to define new Chart of Accounts

  • Customize reporting periods

  • Professional reports

  • Drillable spreadsheets

  • User friendly interface

  • Multi client handling

Accountants and Business Managers

The Sage 50 users we spoke to wanted a faster, more flexible, system for producing Management Accounts from Sage 50 data. ProudNumbers has been developed specifically to produce a complete, professional report, in minutes, from Sage 50 data.

But more than that it also gives you the tools to add value to your reports. By allowing you to create bespoke Charts of Accounts and the freedom to choose the reporting period from weeks to years you can create a truely individual analysis.

ProudNumbers works on data imported from Sage 50. It puts the data into an SQL database, freeing it up for more flexible reporting and providing the facility to data drill. The database handling is fast, accurate and efficient. Each subsequent import is checked against the data existing on the database for updates and mismatches at the point of import. This way you are aware of any descrepencies before you start working.

Both as an Accountant and Business Manager you are likely to have more than one set of data to manage. ProudNumbers handles multiple sets of company data, all saved by you under the individual company name.

ProudNumbers produces tables and reports including the Profit and Loss Account, Debtors and general KPI analysis. The user interface is uncluttered and uncomplicated. If you are an Accountant you instantly add value to your clients data for less work. If you are a Business Manager you can save money by regular tracking of accounts internally.

This is an easy to use software and a fantastic add-on to Sage 50, accountants using this software for customers need to take notice!

Generating management accounts

The Import Wizard will guide you through generating a Management Accounts Report from a Chart of Accounts imported with Sage. Once the Charts are imported from Sage you can customise them to your needs and generate the required report.

Get the competitive advantage!

Have the time to give your customer more understanding into the figures that affect their business.


Management Accounts in three easy steps:

  • Uncomplicated user interface
  • Easy to customise chart of accounts
  • Multiple reporting period options
  • Easily update with newly recorded data
  • Professional final reports

Time saved

Fast data handling from import to report:

  • No chasing data changes
  • No manual processing
  • In-built report structure
  • Final report prepared ready for sign off

ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK by Hexner Limited.

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